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More information about Spot lumière led

To know more about led lights , it is all the LED light which is proposed to private people (individuals) as well as companies. Design and original lightening associated with power or decorative LED technology, the most performing of the market. We select the best LED products for each usage and we integrate (include in) them to our collection after numerous conformity and performance tests.

 SPOT  lighting-furniture-design   have all types of lightening for indoor and outdoor, for the swimming pools and the yatching, for the individual and the company (the firm), from the most widespread to the most technical.

Designed by the greatest designers, you will find suspensions, wall lights, reading lamps, lamps to lay, floor lamps and a complete collection of embedded spots or not, associated to sources and bulbs with base GU10, MR16 – GU5.3, E27, E14, G53, GX53, GX8.5, G4 and G9 in 12 V, 24 V and 220 V.


 With SPOT lightening, it is also a performing team, rigorously dedicated to the satisfaction of the customer. Call us you will have a unique and dedicated commercial interlocutor who will establish for you the link with the technical and logistic services of SPOT LED lightening.

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Bring some design to your home

Bring a touch of design to your home With our selection of indoor or outdoor lampposts with luster, suspensions, table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamp and wall lamp, for a sober and handsome lighting.

Spot lighting Led is the specialist for design lighting, trendy and contemporary, who will allow you to reinvent your interior as well as your outdoor surroundings, by conferring to it a fresh and modern atmosphere.

We propose you design products of widespread (well-known) brands that are playing on shapes, the functions, the colors or the intensities. On our catalogs of design lightning, we propose a set of garden lamps, lamppost for terraces, lightning for swimming pools…

All your home or flat can embellish with the products that we propose to you.

Besides the lightning, we propose also a whole collection of luminous furniture with a modern and handsome look, which can decorate (beautify) the outskirts of you home as the inside of your living room as well.

The design, this is shapes and colors dedicated to pleasure. The LED technology allows sublimating the design, as all luminous intensities of colors are at the service of the design.

Discover on an incredible diversity of design lightning and find us back on the

LEDs are recommended to fit to the RT2012, warranted by the office for thermal studies RT2012.